Work has consumed me much of this Summer and I haven't been out shooting as much as I would  have liked to. I did use up some Fuji Pro 400H film that had just inched past it's expiration date. My results were hit and miss as is almost always the case when I shoot Fuji color film.  Here are some my favorites from the Pro 400H rolls..

With the Fuji gone, it was time to re-stock for the prime picture taking months ahead. I've always had better luck shooting Kodak film and have decided to spend some time getting to know the Portra emulsions better. Clicked up B&H Photo in NYC and ordered a Pro Pack of 160 and 400. Considering all of the black and white I shoot. this stock of color film should last me through the end of the year.

I also added another camera and lens to my arsenal. Both were sourced by Bellamy Hunt (the Japan Camera Hunter). The camera is a Nikon FM2n. I purchased one of these brand new in the  1990s and sold it during my divorce. I enjoyed using the FM2n. Simple, mechanical, reliable. I regretted selling it then and have always wanted another. Bellamy found me a "new old stock" FM2n in Japan for about the same price as well-used copies were selling for on eBay. It only took three business days to arrive Japan to California. The camera still had the protective tab inside the film chamber that you remove before shooting.


Bellamy also found me a lens that's been on my wish list for many years--the 85mm f/1.4 Ais Nikkor. This is a huge hunk of glass and considered to be one of the best manual focus Nikkors ever made. I shoot a lot with the 85mm focal length so this lens will get oodles of use.