Minimalism in Photography

I have learned something about myself during the five years that I've been tinkering around with old film cameras. Even though I always have at least a dozen different cameras in my arsenal, I seem to grab the same minimalist cameras over and over. I enjoy photography the most when I have the least amount of technology between the image and me. 

When I shoot Sunny 16, it's the Canon P I grab most often, followed by my Leica M2 or M3. I love the substantial sound of the Canon's metal shutter curtain and the Canon LTM 50mm f/1.4 lens is capable of lovely images. Considering the fact that my investment in this Canon kit was very modest, it's a camera I don't mind tossing into the car and carrying around with me often.

When I want a camera with a built-in meter, I'm apt to shoot one of my Nikon F2s or the FM2. If I'm out for a day of walking or hiking, size and weight always seem to rule and in that case, I'll grab my Leica MP. The MP is small and light. You can tote it around all day with ease. The Leica's simple built-in meter is nearly always spot on. Shooting any Leica M body is a treat and my 35mm f/2 Summicron is small, precise and sharp.

After trying lots of different film cameras, I've settled on simple, mechanical, manual focus, manual exposure cameras made of metal. Minimalist tools seem to work best for me.