Changing Times

I love to browse antique stores. I rarely buy anything, but it's fun to look. Several of the local ones have stacks of old magazines. Among the piles of LOOK and Life, I'll occasionally find an old yellowed Popular Photography or Modern Photography. I was a subscriber to both for a decade starting in about 1973.

Forget a subscription, I realized recently that I haven't even bought a photography magazine or any magazine for that matter in...forever. My computer and the internet has taken the place of these printed monthlies.

Back at the antique store, flipping through the dog-eared pages, I am reminded of how I drooled over ads for the latest Nikon, Minolta, Pentax or Hasselblad. Reading and dreaming. It would be decades later and only when digital photography made film cameras nearly relics, would I be able to afford an Olympus OM-2 or Nikon FE. 

Times certainly have changed, but I am very grateful that I've finally had the opportunity to try some of these truly wonderful cameras and that there is still film to feed them.