Lightbox Wednesday #18

I've been reviewing, sorting and sometimes discarding images I've taken during the past seven years. It's been a useful exercise to review my progress and reveal how much more I need to learn about photography. Every Wednesday, I toss a few of these images onto my digital lightbox.

Since moving to Northern California, I've become fascinated with the micro-climates around the Bay Area and especially of the different kinds of fog that develop. Before I moved here, fog was more a nuisance than anything else. Here however, you learn to live with it, embrace it, love it and try to photograph it. My best results so far have been on a Sunday afternoon hike out at Pierce Point Ranch on the Point Reyes National Seashore. The day started out sunny, but as I made my way back to the trail head at the Ranch, a heavy dense fog dropped down hard. I clicked off these shots with my Leica M9-P. I think they accurately captured the mood. You can almost feel the moisture dripping from these photographs.