Lightbox Wednesday #17

I have discovered another positive benefit of my Lightbox Wednesday project. Revisiting your old images helps fight G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). As I've poured over hundreds of images I've taken over the past seven years with various cameras, it's reminded me on several occasions how I haven't shot a particular camera in a while. 

Such was the case when I came across this series of images taken about three years ago with my Nikon F4 and manual focus 85mm f/2 Nikkor lens. I was trying my first roll of CineStill 800T film. CineStill is Kodak's Vision3 motion picture film which has had the rem jet-layer removed so it can be processed in C-41 chemistry. It's a tungsten-balanced film, so it really shines under artificial light sources, but I got some decent results shooting it under natural light.

CineStil is a film stock that it would take a person awhile to get to know well enough to achieve consistently satisfying results. I suppose that's why I only shot this one roll back in 2014.  For almost all of my color work these days I rely on Portra 400.

Flipping through these CineStill shots did get me jazzed to use my Nikon F4 again and doing that has kept me off of eBay--which is a good thing for my wallet.

The author, his F4, shot on Kodak's CineStill 800T

The author, his F4, shot on Kodak's CineStill 800T