Cameras I Have Known: Nikon FE2

Sprinkled throughout my digital archives of film photography from the past seven years are hundreds of iPhone images I have taken of the cameras I have bought, used and sold. I think I have taken more photos OF my cameras than WITH my cameras. Many of these photos were for camera reviews on the old WordPress blog or for use on eBay when I decided to sell them.

I've learned so much about the process of buying old cameras online; what to look for and what to avoid. I've been stung a few times. I've built some very special and rewarding relationships with a few trusted sellers. And I've developed a good network of camera repair technicians to help me keep these fabulous old machines running.

As I look through all of my old camera photos with sometimes misty eyes, I hope you'll indulge me and allow me to share them here in mostly chronological order. 

Here's a photo of the first camera I bought on eBay after my re-etnry into film photography. This is the Nikon FE2.

The FE2 is an early 1980s manual focus film SLR with aperture priority and manual exposure control. It uses modern batteries and accepts hundreds of Nikkor lenses. It was considered an advanced amateur/professional body at the time. There are lots of these for sale online and I would buy one without hesitation. I've owned several after this one and the only things these camera usually need are new seals and mirror bumper foams. 

I was shooting a lot of C-41 process Kodak BW400CN film at this time because it was easy to get developed and scanned at the local mini lab. Here is a shot from this camera.