Winter Solstice

I don’t use the camera in my iPhone for much other than taking photos of the analog photography gear I write about in this blog or sell on eBay. Don’t get me wrong, the Apple phone has a fine camera and it’s damn convenient, but I just don’t enjoy the phone photo taking process beyond its utilitarian value. Photography for me is so tactile. Dials, levers and gears. An analog light meter needle swinging up and down in the viewfinder. The wonderful sound of a mechanical shutter.

On Friday night however, I’m glad I had my iPhone handy as the sun slipped below the horizon on the shortest day of the year. Mother Nature served up a spectacular sunset for me. I took a deep breath and held back the tears as the Pacific slowly swallowed up the sun. My last Winter Solstice on the Sonoma Coast.


Sunset over Bodega Head