Best of The Beach (VOL. 1)

I went looking through my photos this week in search of a new screen saver image for my MacBook. It occurred to me, while browsing through my work, that many of the photographs I took of the Sonoma and Mendocino coastline were featured in posts on my old Wordpress blog and have never been seen here. So, every now and then, I’ll post a few in a new feature I am calling “Best of The Beach.”

I moved inland into Napa County in late December, so I’ll not be visiting the North Bay beaches as much, but I do intend to get down to Carmel again this year and maybe shoot some along San Francisco’s Great Highway. And once the weather warms up again and it stops raining, I’ll get out and shoot some Napa vineyards and such.

Here are two shots from not long after I moved to Sonoma County, exposed on Kodak’s BW400CN film with my freshly serviced Nikon F2 with DP-1 Photomic finder. BW400CN was a black and white film that could be processed in C-41 chemistry. It was convenient and I was always happy with my results with it.